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Welcome to Just Appraisals, Inc. We are a leading real estate appraisal company located in San Clemente and San Diego, California. We are a team of 3 appraisers providing top quality residential real estate appraisal services throughout Southern California. We are unmatched in quality and accuracy.

Just Appraisals, Inc. is an experienced real estate appraisal firm that is based in Orange County and San Diego, California. We assist our clients with fast, accurate and quality real estate appraisals. We have been serving the greater Southern California area for over 11 years. Just Appraisals, Inc. enables clients to make well-informed decisions regarding their residential property.

Since 2003 our firm has been perfecting the trade of residential real estate appraisal within our markets to complete and deliver accurate appraisals by utilizing the latest technology and the most current data available. We are committed to being accurate, punctual,  professional and in complete compliance with the law and your specific requirements. Our appraisal services are performed by the best real estate appraisers in Southern California and who are real estate experts that are extremely well-trained.


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Laguna Niguel

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The Utmost Importance of Having an Appraiser in the Process of Buying and Selling a Home

Whatever position you have in the process of home buying and home selling, either a buyer or a seller, a Laguna Niguel real estate appraiser is important and necessary for the home transactions. The impartial appraiser would come in and then check out your property to see its true value. In order to protect the seller, the buyer, and the lender, who are involved in the process in the process of home purchase, the real estate appraiser will do the necessary things to his/her profession. The utmost importance of a Laguna Niguel real estate appraiser lies in the following reasons:

How the Laguna Niguel Real Estate Appraiser Works for the Sellers?

If you are one of those prospective sellers, then you may more likely want to discover the true value of the home you own, so you can deliver a fair selling option to the buyer once your property is ready to be sold on the market. A Laguna Niguel real estate appraiser will help you identify the value and make yourself ready in selling. If you see your home is low in value, you may more likely want to change the price of your home or even make some improvements so its value will increase.

Laguna Niguel, CA

Laguna Niguel, CA

How the Laguna Niguel Real Estate Appraiser Works for the Buyers?

If you are one of those prospective buyers, then perhaps you want to ensure that you get the best on your investment once you decide to buy a new home and live your life there. Buying a new home today can be daunting and it can become scarier if you are deciding things all by yourself. If you don’t want to feel a lifetime regret, then ask assistance from professional people.

With the Laguna Niguel real estate appraiser, you can have a chance to see what that fair cost was and from there alone, you can effectively decide if you are willing to spend your money on that. If not, you could always reconsider the home you want to pay and could choose not to make any deal on that certain offer.

How the Laguna Niguel Real Estate Appraiser Works for the Lenders?

As a lender, your bank makes a gamble by the lending amount of money to a prospective buyer. In the case of the lender, determining the home value will create a best possible contract towards the buyer. So, instead of offering the money to a buyer for a price they had paid, a lender understands the entire home value and could assess the rising risks.

Therefore, the role being played by a Laguna Niguel real estate appraiser doesn’t just stop on the seller or on the buyer alone, but even to the lenders and other relative companies involved in the process. An appraiser will always ensure that the value of a property is right for all people involved in the process of selling or buying home. Without the assistance of an appraiser, the real value won’t be determined, whereas having an impact to any parties who are in touched.

Just appraisals, Inc. has been providing appraisal services in Laguna Niguel of orange county for over 13 years. Just Appraisals, Inc is the top real estate appraisal company for Laguna Niguel and has been assisting local residents to navigate through real estate transactions of all types within residential real estate. From performing pre listing appraisals to date of death appraisals. Many homes in the orange county area are considered to be typical in design and construction, but many are also custom in design with expansive views or desirable locations which can make the property more complex and require more time for analysis. We also provide many different home appraisal services which you can view by clicking the link below.


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