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Welcome to Just Appraisals, Inc. We are a leading real estate appraisal company located in San Clemente and San Diego, California. We are a team of 3 appraisers providing top quality residential real estate appraisal services throughout Southern California. We are unmatched in quality and accuracy.

Just Appraisals, Inc. is an experienced real estate appraisal firm that is based in Orange County and San Diego, California. We assist our clients with fast, accurate and quality real estate appraisals. We have been serving the greater Southern California area for over 11 years. Just Appraisals, Inc. enables clients to make well-informed decisions regarding their residential property.

Since 2003 our firm has been perfecting the trade of residential real estate appraisal within our markets to complete and deliver accurate appraisals by utilizing the latest technology and the most current data available. We are committed to being accurate, punctual,  professional and in complete compliance with the law and your specific requirements. Our appraisal services are performed by the best real estate appraisers in Southern California and who are real estate experts that are extremely well-trained.



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